Central office:

Phone: (061) 220-15-00 / (098) 441-15-41

Email: Office@mpka.com.ua

Branch Kyiv:

Phone: (044) 227-36-77 / (068) 774-74-77

Email: Kiev@mpka.com.ua

Branch Lviv :

Phone: (067 ) 612-38-37 / (067) 678-93-24

Email: rm.east@mpka.com.ua


align="center" of our consumers have been working with us for 5 years!


МПКА – MANUFACTURER! Company «МПКА-УКРАЇНА» — a manufacturer of cable and wire products with a full package of services, where it is present: the optimal price indicator, the minimum lead time, undoubtedly, the high quality of the supplied products.

МПКА — ALL RANGE OF CABLE PRODUCTS TO DELIVERY! Not a single cable plant in Ukraine has the technical ability to manufacture a full range of cable and wire products. Therefore, for 10 years, we have been a dealer for a number of national and foreign cable factories and can supply any range of cables and wires to our customers.

МПКА — SUPER COMPETITIVE PRICING! As a manufacturer of cables and wires, working on the basis of dealership agreements, taking into account many years of experience and the use of a tolling scheme, we fully control the quality, production time of manufactured products and have a competitive price advantage in the market.

МПКА — AVAILABILITY OF PRODUCTS IN WAREHOUSES!It has its own warehouses of finished products, which include more than 1000 nomenclatures and 5000 brand sizes of cable and wire products.

МПКА — DELIVERY BY OWN TRANSPORT! The company has a trucking department (cargo transportation up to 20 tons) and a logistics department (dispatch service). Our employees deliver products across Ukraine directly to your warehouse or facility as soon as possible and without damage. Delivery across Ukraine by own transport – Free.

МПКА — OPERATIVENESS!The efficiency of our employees allows us to ship products to any locality from the warehouse on the day of order.

МПКА — RELIABILITY, CONFIDENCE AND NO RISKS! Many years of experience, fruitful, high-quality and responsible work have led to the fact that our company is in a zone of high reliability and occupies a leading position in the supply of cable and wire products to enterprises in various fields of activity. You will acquire in the person of our company a reliable partner proven by time and high-quality work.

МПКА — QUALIFIED STAFF! В компании работают специалисты с высоким уровнем технической квалификации. И вы всегда сможете быстро и качественно получить консультацию по интересующим вас вопросам.

МПКА — QUALITY! All products offered for delivery comply with the standards in force on the territory of Ukraine, and also have quality certificates from accredited measuring laboratories.

МПКА — A COMPLEX APPROACH! Our company takes an integrated approach to solving the issue of supplying electrical products. We always have in stock: cable couplings, linear fittings for overhead power lines, corrugated pipes that do not support combustion, electrical installation of TM IEK, modular automation made in the Czech Republic (TM NOARK) and much more.

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