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Cable power copper (filled) VVGZ (ng, ng-LS) 0,66/1 kV

Power cable with copper conductors, with PVC insulation and flame retardant PVC sheath with filling. The type of power cable VVGz is exactly the same as VVG, its only difference is the use in the power supply of various electrical installations that require cable sealing during input. Designed for the transmission and distribution of electricity in stationary installations for a rated alternating voltage of 660 Volts and 1000 Volts at a frequency of 50 Hz.

    Required cable section

    Number in meters

    The filled sheath prevents the strands from twisting inside the sheath and provides a clear fixation of each core in the sheath. Two-core cables have cores of the same section, three-, four- and five-core cables have all cores of the same section or one core of a smaller section (ground or zero). The cable is an analogue of the European NYM. The insulated cores of multi-core cables have a distinctive color scheme. Insulation of zero cores is blue. The insulation of the ground conductors is carried out in two colors (green-yellow). The price of a VVGz cable depends on two factors, the number of cores and their cross section. More demanded cable sections VVGz 3×1.5; 3×2.5; 3×4; 3×6; 3×10; 3×16; 3×25; 3×35; 3×50; 3×70; 3×95; 3×120; 4×1; 4×1.5; 4×2.5; 4×4; 4×6; 4×10; 4×16; 4×25; 4×35; 4×50; 4×70; 4×95; 4×120; 4×150; 4×185; 4×240.

    Cable decoding VVGz:
    V – Core insulation made of PVC compound
    V – PVC sheath
    G – Lack of protective covers
    z – Polyvinylchloride compound filling
    ng – low fire hazard
    ng-ls – reduced fire hazard, and with reduced smoke and gas emission

    VVGz design:
    1. Copper conductor
    2. PVC insulation
    3. Filling with PVC compound or unvulcanized rubber compound – to give the cable an almost round shape, the inner and outer gaps between the insulated cores must be filled.
    4. Inner sheath made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic compound
    5. PVC sheath
    In the case of the nomenclature “ng” and “ng ls”, PVC compound does not support combustion and with reduced fume and gas emission.

    Application area:
    The VVGZ cable is designed for installation in electrical networks with voltage up to 0.66/1 kV. It has from 1 to 4 copper conductors with sections from 1.5 to 50 sq. mm. With a cross section of more than 16 sq. mm, the cable is equipped with a core that gives it strength.
    For laying in dry and wet rooms, on special cable racks, in blocks, as well as for laying outdoors:
    – when laying in dry and wet rooms (tunnels), channels, cable half-floors, shifts, collectors, industrial premises;
    – when laying in hazardous areas, with the absolute absence of mechanical damage in operation;
    – when laying on special overpasses;
    – when laying in blocks.
    Cables are not recommended for laying in the ground (trench). VVGz brand cables do not spread combustion when laid alone.
    This cable and wire product is used both for connecting household electrical appliances in residential and industrial premises, and for connecting power generating sets and machine tools in production.

    You can buy a VVGz cable by submitting an application from the website of the Zaporizhzhya cable production plant MPKA.

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