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Cable power armored VBbShvng 6 kV


VBbShvng cable is a high-voltage, power copper conductor in polyvinylchloride insulation of low fire hazard, having an armor of two steel tapes. Serves for the transmission and distribution of electricity in stationary installations for a rated alternating voltage of 6000 Volts with a frequency of 50 Hz.


    Required cable section

    Number in meters

    Decoding of the power cable VBbShvng :
    V – Core insulation made of PVC compound
    B – Armor from two steel tapes
    b – Without a pillow, which is the inner part of the protective cover, applied under the armor in order to protect the element under it from corrosion and mechanical damage by tapes or wires of the armor
    Shv – A protective cover in the form of a pressed-out hose made of PVC plastic compound
    ng – does not support combustion

    Cable construction:
    1. Conductor: copper (1, 2 class);
    2. Core insulation: PVC compound;
    3. Filling: PVC compound;
    4. Belt insulation: PVC compound;
    5. Shield 1: electrically conductive PVC;
    6. Screen 2: aluminum or copper tape;
    7. Separating layer: polymer tape;
    8. Armor: steel bands;
    9. Sheath: PVC compound.

    Application area:
    The VBbShv cable can be laid in the ground, even if its composition is chemically active in relation to the metal (high corrosiveness). The lengths of the cable for laying in the ground are selected so that after their rolling, the couplings do not end up in hard-to-reach places (under roads, canals). The number of couplings per 6 km of the cable line should not exceed 4-5 pieces, depending on the section. When draining the cable from the drum, its sharp bends, creases, twists are unacceptable.
    It is also allowed to mount VBBSHVNG near tram and railway tracks of electrified railways, which are a source of stray current in the ground. The cable must not be subjected to tensile loads, since the armor consists of steel tapes, which, as a result of such loads, may not withstand, so the cable is mounted in an inclined and horizontal position. It is allowed to be used outdoors, resistant to climatic external influences, it is allowed to lay in places with increased explosiveness, such as laboratories, tanks with flammable gases (gas holders), overpasses for draining or filling flammable liquids, etc. Resistant to temperature extremes, which allows it to be used in all climatic zones, from the tropics to temperate and cold climates. The cable is moisture resistant, so it is used even in semi-flooded basements, sewer shafts, etc.
    The cable is suitable for laying in the ground (trenches), rooms, tunnels, channels, mines. Does not propagate combustion in single laying as well as in bundles.

    – Operating temperature range: from -50°С to +50°С
    – Relative air humidity at temperatures up to +35°С: up to 98%
    – Laying and installation of cables without preheating is carried out at a temperature not lower than: -15°С
    – Minimum bending radius when laying: 7.5 outer diameters.
    – Rated frequency: 50Hz
    – Rated voltage 6 kV
    – Long-term permissible heating temperature of cable cores during operation: +70°С

    The price of an armored cable depends on the number of cores, as well as their cross section. You can buy VBbShv copper cable by submitting an application from the website of the Zaporizhzhya plant of cable products MPKA.

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