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Telephone distribution wire TRP


Telephone wire, distribution, single-pair, with single-wire copper conductors, insulated with PVC compound, with a separating base. The TRP cable belongs to the group of distribution single-pair communication wires. It is used for installation of telephone and radio broadcasting subscriber networks. Its popularity is due to its ease of installation and low cost.

    Required cable section

    Number in meters

    1. CURRENT CONDUCTORS – single-wire copper with a diameter of 0.4 or 0.5 mm.
    2. INSULATION – made of polyethylene with a thickness of 0.7 mm, superimposed on conductive conductors, laid in parallel in one plane, with a separating base measuring 0.9 × 2.0 mm.


    The wire is intended for stationary hidden and open subscriber wiring of the telephone distribution network inside premises and along the outer walls of buildings.

    It is used for laying an intra-house fixed communication line. Used to connect a wired telephone from a junction box or mini PBX and an audio intercom.

    The polyethylene insulation of the cable provides resistance to external influences, so it can be laid along the outer wall of the building.

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