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Telephone cable shielded TPPep


Telephone cable with continuous polyethylene insulation of cores, with a screen of alumopolymer tape, in a polyethylene sheath. TPPep cable is one of the options for wiring products for transmitting communication signals from one point to another. Designed for low current signals.

    Required cable section

    Number in meters

    CURRENT CONDUCTOR – from copper soft round wire.
    INSULATION – in TPPepBbShp cables – solid polyethylene.
    ELEMENTARY five- or ten-pair bundles.
    MAIN 50 or 100 pair beams.
    BELT INSULATION – polyamide, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene terephthalate tapes.
    SHIELD – alumopolymer tape, tinned copper contact wire is laid under the screen.
    SHELL made of polyethylene..

    Designed for operation in local primary communication networks with a rated voltage of remote power supply up to 225 or 145 V AC with a frequency of 50 Hz or voltages up to 315 and 200 V DC, respectively.
    For laying in telephone sewers, in collectors, mines, along the walls of buildings and suspension on overhead communication lines. Cables are used in conditions not characterized by increased external electromagnetic influence. When laying, installing and operating cables, it is not allowed to get moisture or soil electrolytes under the cable sheath through its ends. It is not allowed to feed into the core or apply on the outer surface of the cables substances harmful to its insulation and sheath.

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