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Self-supporting insulated wire SIP-3

SIP-3 is a self-supporting, single-core, high-voltage wire. The conductor is made of aluminum. Light stabilized XLPE insulation. The insulation is absolutely UV and ozone resistant. Does not lose its protective qualities during the entire operational period.

    Required cable section

    Number in meters

    The main difference between the SIP-3 cable and other types of insulated wire is the voltage for which it is designed. That is, wires for example SIP-4 or SIP-5 type are used in networks with a voltage of 0.66 / 1 kV, then type 3 – at a voltage of 20 or 35 kV. This voltage must be indicated in the marking of the wire.
    For use in overhead power transmission lines for alternating voltage of 20 kV (used for lines for voltages of 10, 15 and 20 kV) and 35 kV (for lines for voltage 30 kV and 35 kV) with a nominal frequency of 50 Hz.
    Basically, the most demanded cross-sectional sizes of 20 and 35 kV in the SIP-3 wire are 1 × 35, 1 × 50, 1 × 70, 1 × 95, 1 × 120, 1 × 150, 1 × 185, 1 × 240, the price naturally depends from the section, the larger the square, the higher, since more aluminum is used in the production of this SIP.
    When choosing this type of wire, it is important to understand that there is one core in it, therefore, when planning to buy a SIP-3 wire, calculating the connection length in meters, you need to multiply by the number of wires in one direction (2 phases or 3), etc., understanding that this is the price per meter of vulture wire, one core.

    The SIP-3 wire is deciphered as follows:
    S – self-supporting, means no need for auxiliary supporting structures, cables, extensions, insulators and support beams;
    I – insulated, indicates that the conductive core has a protective coating;
    P – wire
    3 – type of design

    Multi-wire sealed aluminum conductor;
    Light-stabilized XLPE insulation;

    The cable is used for the installation of overhead power lines (PTL), it transfers and distributes electricity to consumers with high quality, the parameters of the alternating current in the network must correspond to the characteristics of 20 kV (35 kV maximum), 50 Hz. The laying is carried out in areas with a temperate, cold and tropical climate on the territory of industrial and marine areas (sea coast, salt lake shore, areas with saline sand). Designed for use in overhead power transmission lines, with a suspension on supports or facades of buildings and structures.

    The conductor is used when constructing sections of routes, branches and taps in compliance with the rules for voltage distribution. Self-supporting wire SIP-3 can be mounted in urban areas, rural areas, unpopulated areas, where it is required to lay long lines with minimal voltage losses. Due to the possibility of mounting on poles installed at a great distance from each other, the cable is laid in places of any complexity. Due to the possibility of selecting the required cross-section, a reduction in material costs for the construction of additional substations is achieved.
    They are widely used for urban development, as well as for sparsely populated areas, where it is necessary to build power lines of great length with minimal voltage losses, to supply power to consumers of the 1st category.
    This is the best solution for designers and construction and installation organizations for the construction of protected high-voltage lines of high reliability.

    Rated alternating voltage – 20/35 kV
    Rated frequency – 50 Hz
    The minimum permissible bending radius during laying is 10 cable diameters
    Allowable forces when pulling the cable along the laying route – 50 N / mm2
    Service life is not less than 40 years
    Ambient temperature during cable operation from -60 °С to 50 °С
    Minimum temperature of cable laying without preheating -20 °С
    Permissible heating temperatures of cable conductors:
    – Long-term admissible 90 °С
    – In overload mode 130 °С
    – Limit at short circuit 250 °С

    Features and Benefits
    SIP-3 is characterized by the absence of a zero core, while it can be mounted without additional supporting structures, such as a cable, cable, cable tie. The advantages of the wire include:

    – high fire safety;
    – the possibility of making repairs on a working highway;
    – it is not necessary to use insulator traverses;
    – the possibility of installation in a city in compliance with safety and construction requirements;
    – resistance to tensile stresses eliminates line breakage as a result of falling branches and other objects;
    – one support can be used to mount a self-supporting insulated wire and an uninsulated cable;
    – the wires do not overlap, which excludes short circuits;
    – product reliability, uninterrupted work of consumers;
    – ease of care and maintenance;
    – high speed of repair work;
    – reduction of voltage losses on the lines;
    – excellent performance characteristics of the SIP-3 wire;
    – cost reduction when installing a new power line;
    – mounted on low power transmission line supports;
    – you cannot connect to the power line without special permission.

    Tabular data:

    Wire nomenclature Number of cores and nominal cross-section, mm2 Nominal outer diameter of SIP-3, mm Estimated weight of the SIP-3 wire, 1 km / kg
    Self-supporting insulated wire SIP-3, rated voltage, 20 kV 1х35 12 186
    1х50 13 215
    1х70 15 282
    1х95 16 364
    1х120 18 445
    1х150 19 540
    1х185 21 722
    1х240 24 950
    Self-supporting insulated wire SIP-3, rated voltage, 35 kV 1х35 14 209
    1х50 16 263
    1х70 17 334
    1х95 19 421
    1х120 20 518
    1х150 22 618
    1х185 24 808
    1х240 26 1045

    Permissible load current in amperes (A) of the SIP-3 wire


    Sectional area mm2 Permissible load current SIP-3 20 kV, (A) Permissible load current SIP-3 35 kV, (A)
    35 200 А 220 А
    50 245 А 270 А
    70 310 А 340 А
    95 370 А 400 А
    120 430 А 460 А
    150 485 А 520 А
    185 560 А 600 А
    240 600 А 670 А


    You can buy self-supporting insulated wire in bulk with favorable conditions by contacting the Zaporozhye cable production plant MPKA. Checkout is carried out through the website or by e-mail. Also, if necessary, under the order, the production of SIP-3 can be of a different design that is not included in the list of the usual nomenclature.

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