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Deciphering brands of cable and wire

Domestic cable and wire products:

1. PVC (Vinyl) Rubber Insulated Power Cable: VVG, VVGng, VVGng-LS, VVGngd, AVVG, AVVGng, AVVGng-LS, AVVGngd, VBbshv, VBbShvng, VBbShvng-LS, VBbShvngd, AVBbshv, AVBbshvng, AVBbshvng-LS, AVBbshvngd,Kg
А — (first letter) aluminum conductor, in its absence – copper conductor by default.
V — (first (in the absence of A) letter) PVC insulation
V — (second (in the absence of A) letter) PVC sheath
G — lack of protective cover (“naked”)
ng — does not support combustion
gd — with reduced smoke and gas emission
LS — Low Smoke – with reduced smoke and gas emission
Bb – armored covering of steel strips
Shv — outer covering of PVC hose
KG — cable flexible

2. Impregnated paper insulated cable: ASB, ASBl, ASB2л, AABl, SB, SBl, SBG
А — (first letter) aluminum conductor, in its absence – copper conductor by default.
АB — aluminum armor
SB — (first or second (after A) letter) lead armor
l — lavsan tape
2l — double lavsan tape
G — lack of protective cover (“naked”)

K — (first or second (after A) letter) – control cable
E — shield

4. Telephone cable: TPpP, TPPep, TPpPz, TPpePz TPpPBbShp, TPpPzBbShp, TPpePzBbShp, TSV, TSVng
T — telephone cable
P — polyethylene insulation
p — belt insulation – polyamide, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene terephthalate tapes
E — shield
P — polyethylene sheath
Z — hydrophobic aggregate
Shp — outer cover made of polyethylene hose
S — station cable

5. Wires for overhead power lines:
A — Aluminum bare wire
AS — Aluminum-Steel (the word “steel-aluminum” is used more often) bare wire
SIP — Self-supporting Insulated Wire

6. Some types of cable are decrypted in a special way:
KSPV — Vinyl-Sheathed Transmission Cables
KPSVV — Fire Alarm Cables, Vinyl Insulated, Vinyl Sheathed
KPSVEV — Fire Alarm Cables, Vinyl Insulated, Shielded, Vinyl Sheathed
PNSV — Heating wire, Steel core, Vinyl sheath
PV-1, PV-3 — Vinyl Insulated Wire. 1, 3 — conductor flexibility class (the most applicable slenderness classes for a given type of wire, however others may apply).
PVS — Vinyl Sheathed Wire Connective
SHVVP — Vinyl Insulated Cord, Vinyl Sheathed, Flat
PUNP — Wire Universal Flat
PUGNP — Wire Universal Flat Flexible

Cabling and wiring products of foreign production:

1. Power cable: NYM, NHMH, NYY, NYCY, NYRGY
N — according to VDE
H – halogen-free PVC
M — mounting cable
C — copper shield
RG – armor

2. Twisted pair data cable: UTP, FTP, S-FTP, S-STP
U — unfoiled (unfoiled, unshielded)
F — foiled (foil-clad, shielded)
S — screened (shielded with copper wires)
S-F — common foil shield common braided shield
S-S — screen of each pair of foil common braided screen
TP — twisted pair

3. SAT — satellite — cable for satellite tv

4. Telephone cable and fire alarm cable: J-Y(St)Y, J-H(St)H
J – installation cable
(St) — foil screen

5. Halogen-free fire-resistant cable: NHXHX FE 180, NHXCHX FE 180
N — according to VDE
HX — stitched rubber
C — copper shield
FE 180 — the cable retains its properties for a certain time (in this case 180 minutes) in an open flame, under voltage

6. Mounting wires: H05V-K, H07V-K, N07V-K
H — harmonized wire (according to HAR)
N — compliance with national standard
05 — Rated voltage 300/500 В
07 — Rated voltage 450/750 В
V — PVC insulation
K — flexible conductor for fixed installation
7. XLPE insulated cables:
N — according to VDE
Y — Pvc
2Y — polyethylene
2X — cross-linked polyethylene
S — copper shield
(F) — longitudinal sealing
(FL) — longitudinal and transverse sealing
E — three-core cable
R — round steel wire armor
J — the presence of a yellow-green vein
O — no yellow-green vein

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