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Cable single-core copper PV-1

ПВ  e

PV-1 single-core copper wire, assembly, with PVC isolation for electric installations. PV1 wire is intended for laying in pipes, construction cavities, cable trays and under plaster. It is widely used both in production and at the household level. One of its main advantages is a very reasonable price with quite good technical characteristics.

    Required cable section

    Number in meters

    The nomenclature of wires which are most in demand in installation is PV-1 section 1х0,5, 1х0,75, 1х1, 1х1,5, 1х2,0, 1х2,5, 1х3, the price accordingly is formed depending on wire diameter.

    Decoding of wire PV-1:
    P – It means that it is a wire.
    The second letter B – means the type of wire insulation. In our case it is PVC insulation. It has stable physicochemical properties and is therefore often used as a dielectric.
    The number “1” means the flexibility class. The lower this figure, the greater the bending radius can be exposed to the wire.

    Conductive core:
    1. In the case of PV1 wires – copper, single-wire or multi-wire, class 1 for sections from 0.5 to 10 mm2 incl., Class 2 for sections from 16 to 95 mm2 incl.
    The maximum outer diameters of the conductive cores of the wires are shown in the table below.
    2. Insulation – made of PVC plastic, different colors. Staining is performed continuously or by applying two longitudinal stripes on the insulation of natural color, located diametrically. For wires used only for grounding purposes, the insulation is greenish-yellow. The color of the solid insulation or applied longitudinal stripes must be discussed in the order and has a symbol,

    Wires are used for electrical installations with stationary laying in lighting and power networks, as well as for installation of electrical equipment, machines, mechanisms and machines at rated voltage up to 450 V (for networks up to 450/750 V) with a frequency of up to 400 Hz or DC voltage up to 1000 volts .

    The wire of the PV1 brands is intended for laying in steel pipes, hollow channels of building designs, on trays, etc., for installation of electric circuits. The electrical resistance of a wire depends on its cross section. Thus, for a wire with a cross section of 0.5 mm2, the resistance should be not more than 0.015 Mohm, for the wire PV1 1 5 Not less than 0.011 Mohm, and for the wires PV1 120 not less than 0.0035 Mohm.

    – Wire is resistant to ambient temperature: from -50 ° C to + 70 ° C
    – The wire is resistant to the influence of relative humidity of 100% at a temperature of: + 35 ° C
    – Wire is resistant to mold
    – Wire is resistant to mechanical shocks, linear acceleration, bends, vibration loads, acoustic noise
    – Installation of wires should be carried out at a temperature: not below -15 ° C
    – Bending radius during installation must be: at least 10 wire diameters
    – Long-term permissible heating temperature of the cores should not exceed: + 70 ° C
    – Construction length of wires: not less than 100 m
    – Warranty period of operation: 2 years from the date of putting wires into operation.
    – Service life of wires: not less than 15 years.

    Tabular data:

    Nominal section, mm2 Maximum outer diameter, mm2 Wire weight 1km
    0,5 2,40 8
    0,75 2,60 10
    1 2,80 13
    1,5 3,30 19
    2 3,50 26,2
    2,5 3,90 30
    3 4,10 37,7
    4 4,40 45
    5 4,70 54,8
    6 4,90 65
    8 5,60 80,2
    10 6,40 107
    16 8 172
    25 9,80 260
    35 11 362
    50 13 511
    70 15 691
    95 17 956
    120 17,5 1060


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