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Cable halogen-free fireproof (N)HXH FE 180/E90,180/E30

Power, fire-resistant, copper cable (N) HXH FE180/E90 and (N) HXH FE180/E30 with copper conductors, silicon-organic rubber insulation, filler, halogen-free polymer composition sheath. The ideal solution where fire safety is of the utmost importance.

    Required cable section

    Number in meters

    Halogen-free flame retardant cable (N) HXH FE180 / E30, (N) HXH FE180 / E90, retains insulation in fire conditions for 180 minutes at 800 ° C (FE180) and meets the requirements for maintaining integrated functions in the study of systems according to DIN 4102- 12 for 30 minutes (E30) or 90 minutes (E90).
    These cables are used where special security of people, cultural and material values ​​is required. Ensure the functioning of warning systems, fire extinguishing, emergency lighting, ventilation, smoke and other valves, the operation of which is mandatory for effective rescue operations.
    The price of a fire-resistant cable depends on two factors – the number of cores and their cross section. The most common sections of refractory cable 3×10, 3×16, 3×25, 3×35, 3×50, 3×70, 3×95, 3×120, 4×10, 4×16, 4×25, 4×35, 4×50, 4×70, 4×95, 4×120.

    Design (N) HXH-FE180 / E90:
    1. Current-carrying copper core 1, 2 class according to DSTU;
    2. Two layers of insulation made of organosilicon rubber, ceramized during the fire;
    3. Filling of halogen-free non-combustible composition;
    4. Shell of polymer composition containing no halogens;

    Design (N) HXH-FE180 / E30:
    1. Current-carrying copper core 1, 2 class according to DSTU;
    2. Insulation of organosilicon rubber, which is ceramized during the fire;
    3. Filling of halogen-free composition for cables with a cross section up to 16 mm2 inclusive is allowed to impose an outer sheath with the filling of voids between the cores of the outer sheath material. And here the internal filling does not overlap;
    4. Shell of polymer composition containing no halogens;

    Cable decryption:
    N – Manufactured according to the German VDE standard;
    HX – insulation of non-combustible composition not prone to ignition, halogen-free (without chlorine and fluorine);
    H – shell resistant to combustion, halogen-free;
    FE180 – during exposure to flame (t = 800 ± 50ºC) insulation does not change its properties for at least 180 minutes;
    E90 – cable and support system in case of fire continue to perform their functions for 90 minutes;
    E30 – cable and support system in case of fire continue to perform their functions for 30 minutes;

    Fire-resistant halogen-free cable is designed for power transmission systems in stationary installations, as well as for connection to stationary electrical appliances, devices, assemblies of electrical switchgear for electrical networks with a nominal voltage up to 0.6 / 1 kV. This fire-resistant wire provides transfer of electric energy, signals of control and management to the electric equipment which functioning in the conditions of fire is obligatory for carrying out rescue operations. They are used in facilities with high fire safety requirements for single and bundled cable in rooms, tunnels, trays, pipes, flexible hoses in the absence of risk of mechanical damage and protection from ultraviolet rays.

    It is used for permanent laying on, under plaster, in dry, damp and wet rooms, and also in a stone laying, a wall and in concrete, except for direct laying in concrete at shaking and consolidation. The cable can be used outdoors. It is allowed to lay the cable in the ground, but when laying in protective hoses and pipes.

    Specifications :
    – rated voltage: 0.6 / 1 kV;
    – test voltage: 4 kV / 50 Hz;
    – Temperature range:
    during installation: up to -15 ° C
    during operation: from -30 ° C to +50 ° C
    veins: no more than +90 ° C
    short circuit: no more than +250 ° C / 4 sec
    in emergency mode: no more than +130 ° C / 8 hours per day
    – Bending radius (minimum):
    single core cables: not less than 10 diameters;
    stranded cables: not less than 7.5 diameters;

    To buy a fire-resistant cable, wholesale, with delivery, it is possible having formed the application from the website of the Zaporizhia plant of cable production of MPKA. And also to receive consultation of experts, by phone specified on the website.

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