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Halogen-free copper cable N2XH (PvPGng-HF) 0,66/1 kV

The N2XH cable is a halogen-free copper power cable with cross-linked polyethylene insulation and a sheath of halogen-free, non-flammable polymer compositions with low flue gas emissions. Due to the use of halogen-free materials, the formation of dioxins, furans and other harmful toxic gases in the event of a fire is significantly reduced.

    Required cable section

    Number in meters

    The cable is designed for the transmission and distribution of electricity in stationary AC installations with a voltage of 0.6 / 1 kV. It is used for laying in industrial and office premises, as well as in subway buildings, residential and public buildings, with increased fire safety requirements. The price of the cable depends on the cross section and the number of cores.

    1. Conductive copper core 1, 2 class in accordance with DSTU
    2. Insulation from cross-linked polyethylene.
    3. Filling of halogen-free non-combustible composition.
    4. Shell of polymer composition that does not contain halogens.

    Scope: Halogen-free, fire-resistant cable is used for energy transmission, as well as in homes with large numbers of people and valuables. It is intended for constant laying on, under plaster, in dry, damp and wet rooms, and also in a stone laying, a wall and in concrete, except for direct laying in concrete at shaking and consolidation. The cable can be used outdoors. N2XH electric cable, designed for use in power plants, transformer stations, as well as power cable in homes wherever there are increased requirements for fire safety. The cable does not spread combustion (self-extinguishing), and also in case of fire does not emit toxic, suffocating gases and thick smoke. It can be laid indoors, outdoors or in concrete. It is allowed to lay the cable in the ground, but when laying in protective hoses and pipes. Not intended for direct laying in the ground or water.
    Advantages of the cable: without halogens, no corrosive and toxic gases, does not contribute to the spread of fire, smoke is practically not formed

    – without preheating during installation: up to -15 ° C
    – during operation: from -50 ° C to +50 ° C
    – veins: a little more than + 90 ° С
    – short circuit: slightly more than +250 ° C / 4 sec.
    – in emergency mode: no more than +130 ° C / 8 hours per day
    Bending radius (minimum):
    single core cables: not less than 10 cable diameters;
    stranded cables: not less than 7.5 cable diameters;

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