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Output of finished products in the current month

Taking into account the needs of the market, in 2015, the owners and management of the company adopted стратагемная линия развития, направленная на открытие собственного производства кабельно-проводниковой продукции. В короткие сроки был реализован проект построения производственного комплекса — «МПКА-УКРАИНА» И уже в начале 2017 года, с производственных линий завода были выпущены первые километры кабеля. 


Benefits of cable products ТМ “МПКА-УКРАИНА”


Only high quality raw materials are used in the production of our products.

Conductive conductor – the percentage of electrical copper and electrical aluminum = 99,99%.


External insulation and outer sheath – plastic compound produced by Padana Chemical Compounds JV – a European manufacturer (high quality, technical characteristics are much higher than those of a domestic manufacturer) Cable products made from such raw materials meet all physical and chemical requirements, and allows you to meet the requirements for electrical resistance.

Undoubtedly high-quality products of MПKA, produced on high-tech equipment of European manufacturers: KRAUSS MAFFEI, SAMP, Maschinen und Anlagenbau Grimma, DOMINO.

The casing of ShVVP and VVGP products is applied with filling, which significantly reduces the risk of external damage;


When applying plastic insulation and cable sheath, equipment is used to control the diameter of the insulation and sheath in hot and cold conditions, which allows precise control of the extrusion diameter along the entire length.

The use of high-frequency testers (integrity check for breakdown) allows you to control the quality of the insulation, as well as timely identify possible defects at an early stage during the extrusion of the insulation in the cable, and control the integrity of the protective cover in the armored and shielded cable;

Electronic meters for metering ensure accurate measurements of finished products, as well as for winding a specified number of meters of wire or cable;


All products of the plant are packed with heat-shrinkable film and identified with a high-quality label, which preserves the product itself and its presentation, convenient for transportation and subsequent sale.

Taking into account the ambitious goals of introducing the “MПKA” product to the market and our own production capacities, we have a price advantage over other market players, without undoubtedly lowering the high standard of quality. In other words, we are ready to sacrifice part of our profits in order to grow a really strong and high-quality national product that will satisfy the most demanding consumer.

All cable and wire are marked – (manufacturer, date of manufacture, nomenclature, footage – convenience in the sale and installation of products.)


All manufactured products comply with the standards in force on the territory of Ukraine, and also have UKSEPRO certificates of conformity.


To date, “MПKA-Україна” manufacture:

Power cable: (AVVG, AVVGP, VVG, VVG-P, VVGz) 0,66 – 1 kV;
Flameless power cable: (AVVGng, AVVG-P ng, VVGng, VVG-P ng, VVGz ng);
Power cable that does not support combustion without smoke and gas evolution: (AVVGngd, AVVG-P ngd, VVGngd, VVG-P ngd, VVGz ngd);
Armored power cable: (VBbShv, AVBbShv);
Armored power cable that does not support combustion: (VBbShvng, AVBbShvng);
Armored power cable that does not support combustion without smoke and gas emission: (VBbShvngd, AVBbShvngd);
Control cable: (KVVG, KGVV, KVBbShv);
Flameless control cable: (KVVGng, KGVVng, KVBbShvng);
Control cable that does not support combustion without smoke and gas emission: (KVVGngd, KGVVngd, KVBbShvngd);
Shielded control cable (KVVGe, KVVGeng, KVVGengd);
Household wires and cords (PVS, ShVVP, PPV, VVP, APPV);
Flame-retardant household wires and cords (PVSng, ShVVPng, PPVng, VVPng, APPVng);
Household wires and cords that do not support combustion without smoke and gas emission (PVSngd, ShVVPngd, PPVngd, VVPngd, APPVngd);
Installation wires: (PV-1, PV-3, PV-4);


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