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Control cable KVVGng-LS 0,66 kV


Control cable with copper conductive conductors with PVC insulation, with a sheath made of PVC compound of low flammability (ngd aka ng-ls designation indicates that it does not spread combustion and without smoke and gas release). That is, in addition to the property of reduced flammability, the cable emits smaller volumes of smoke and gas during forced combustion.

    Required cable section

    Number in meters

    The main field of application is control circuits. Therefore, it is also called a control cable. At the same time, a wide range of sizes indicates that it is not low-current. Its main purpose is to control any, even powerful contactors and receive information from sensors and limit switches. Since the KVVGng-LS cable is multicore, for the convenience of working with it, the conductors can be color-coded, in the form of a strip, solid color or digital.

    Depending on the cross-sectional area, the cable can contain from 4 cores to 61. They can be additionally wrapped with a tape made of polyethylene or polyamide film, or cable or telephone paper. It is needed to separate the core from the external insulation and ensure their mobility. Its absence is possible if these conditions are met.
    The central vein, around it is the first row, the second row, and so on. The veins are twisted along the cable in a spiral manner. At the same time, a counting pair is present in each row, in any version of the KVVG it has insulation in red and blue colors.

    A counting pair is needed to correctly determine the ends, counting from it in one direction or another. This is very convenient when installing electrical equipment, when the cable has already been laid, and its ends are so far from each other that it is not possible to ring the conformity without the use of additional technical means. Zaporozhye plant of cable products MPKA presents an assortment of multicore control cables KVVG: with four (4), five (5), seven (7), ten (10), twelve (12), fourteen (14), nineteen (19), twenty seven (27) and thirty seven (37) veins. The price of a control cable depends on the cross-sectional area. The higher the cable cross-section, the corresponding price.
    The cross-section of one copper conductor can be 1; 1.5; 2.5; 4 or 6 square mm. The most popular cross-sections of the control cable kvvgng-ls 4×1.5; 4×2.5; 5×1.5; 5×2.5; 7×1.5; 7×2.5; 10×1.5; 10×2.5; 14×1.5; 14×2.5; 19×1.5; 19×2.5; 27×1.5; 27×2.5;

    What is the KVVG control cable used for, how the marking is deciphered and what are its technical characteristics.

    The abbreviation KVVGng-LS stands for the following:
    K – control cable;

    V – internal insulation made of polyvinyl chloride plastic;
    V – means that the outer insulation is also made of PVC;
    G – (naked) there is no protective cover;
    ng – does not support combustion;
    ls – lowe smoke does not spread smoke and gas emissions;
    The control cable is usually stranded. It is produced with a different number of cores from 4 to 61. If the letter “E” was added to the marking, it means that a shielding layer has been added. It is needed to protect the line from interference from other lines located nearby – that is, KVVGEng-ls

    The range of products made by NG and NG-ls in the marking speaks of a non-combustible cable and a version with a reduced spread of smoke and gas. This must be taken into account when working in an elevated temperature environment.


    1.Conductive core – copper, single-wire, class 1
    2.Insulation – made of polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC).
    3.Twisting – the insulated conductors of the cables are twisted. Each layer contains a counting pair, the insulated veins of which differ in color from each other and from the rest of the veins.
    4.The shell is made of PVC compound, which does not spread combustion and does not generate smoke and gas.

    The thickness of insulating PVC compound for cross-sections up to 2.5 mm2 is 0.6 mm; for cross-sections 4 and 6 mm2 equals 0.7 mm. Two cores are made with insulation painted in different colors (counting pair), the rest are white.

    The thickness of the hose polymer under the protective sheath ranges from 1.2 to 2.3 mm, depending on the outer diameter.
    The veins are twisted, the twist may have several twists. To obtain a round shape, it is most preferable to have 7, 19 or 37 wires (one in the center, six in the first twist, 12 in the second twist, 18 in the third twist, to each next +6). In all other cases, placeholder are used for the stability of the structure.

    The insulation should be easily separated from the core, and the sheath should easily come off the insulation when cutting. For easy separation of the sheath, a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film is wound onto the twisted of insulated conductors.

    Control cable application and installation:
    The KVVGng-LS cable can be used in installations of 660 Volts and 100 Hz with an alternating voltage frequency. The maximum voltage of direct current installations is 1000 V. The conductor is tested at 2500 V. Put into operation at ambient temperatures from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius. The maximum permissible temperature is –70 degrees Celsius. It is used in the secondary networks of various electrical installations (control systems, signaling networks, control circuits, automation and relay protection). The control cable is suitable even for lighting systems with low energy consumption, as well as when connecting automation equipment, sensors, control circuits and the like. Often, electricians have to connect with their help power, but not too powerful devices for temporary operation and in an emergency, to increase the maximum permissible load current, twisting the cores together and evenly distributing them over the number of phases or poles of the power supply network. This is due to the lack of suitable materials at this moment.

    Single-wire conductors are allowed to be connected only to stationary elements of devices (in cases of using removable blocks, plug-in connections, use in places with vibration loads, multi-conductor flexible conductors are needed, for example, a RPSh wire).
    The cores of one conductor can be used for signaling, operation, measurement systems operating on direct and alternating current, it is allowed to control low-power electric motors.

    It is not recommended to mount two conductors under one screw (for aluminum, this practice is generally excluded). Extension of the line length is permissible.

    Important! The considered cable brand should not be subjected to mechanical stress and stress; when laying, all factors that can lead to sagging, vibrations, longitudinal stretching, and so on must be taken into account in advance.

    Technical and electrical properties, operating conditions of the control cable KVVGng-LS, operational parameters and dimensions of the conductor – comply with the provisions of state standard Ukraine.

    Properties of the KVVG cable that you need to know about:

    Normal resistance of cable insulation if it is polyethylene – 300 M ohm, PVC – 6 M ohm.
    Electrical resistance of insulating polymer at 20°C during delivery and acceptance:
    10 M ohm·km with a conductor cross-section up to 1.5 mm2 inclusive;
    9 M ohm·km with a conductor cross-section of 2.5 or 4 mm2;
    6 M ohm·km with a conductor cross-section of 6 or 10 mm2.
    With long-term operation (within the service life), the value may decrease to0,06 M ohm·km.

    Rated voltage:
    660 V (or 0.66 kV) alternating current at a frequency of up to 100 Hz;
    1000 V (or 1 kV) DC.
    Test voltages 2500 and 1500 V with a frequency of 50 Hz for the time of delivery and operation, respectively (within 300 seconds). Size range from 0.75 mm2 of each core to 10 mm2, from 4 to 61 cores. Cables with a cross-sectional area of conductors up to 1.5 mm2 can contain a maximum number of cores – 61. Well, in the case of cross-sections of 4-6 mm2 – from 4 to 10. Individual manufacturers can produce KVVG and with two conductors of 0.5 mm2 and others.

    Control cable operating conditions:
    temperature range is limited to values -50 and +50 ° С;
    humidity not more than 98% at + 35 ° С (no condensation);
    contact with dust and water;
    exposure to solar radiation;
    the casing is resistant to chemically active substances;
    installation to the lower mark of 0 ° С;
    long-term permissible core heating temperature during operation: + 70 ° С;

    Bending radius when laying KVVG cable:
    Outside cable:
    – up to 10 mm inclusive – at least 3 cable diameters;
    – from 10 to 25 mm inclusive – at least 4 cable diameters;
    – from 25 mm at least – 6 cable diameters;

    Service life:
    when laying in the ground (trenches) and on overpasses, not less: 15 years;
    when laying in rooms, channels, tunnels, not less than: 25 years;
    The line weight depends on both the diameter of the conductors and their number. Below is a table, where in the first column there are the number of cores and their cross-section, in the second the dimensions by the outer diameter of the KVVG, in the third – the weight (kg per km).


    Tabular data

    KVVGngd cable
    Number of cores and section, mm2 Outside diameter, mm Weight of 1 km of cable, kg
    4×0.75 7.7 80.6
    5×0.75 8.3 97.5
    7×0.75 9.5 134
    10×0.75 11.7 183
    14×0.75 12.6 232
    19×0.75 13.9 296
    27×0.75 16.4 400
    37×0.75 18.7 540
    4×1 8.1 94.9
    5×1 9.4 128
    7×1 10.1 158
    10×1 12.4 218
    14×1 13.4 280
    19×1 14.8 359
    27×1 17.5 489
    37×1 19.9 660
    4×1.5 9.3 132
    5×1.5 10.0 161
    7×1.5 10.8 200
    10×1.5 13.4 276
    14×1.5 14.5 360
    19×1.5 16.0 466
    27×1.5 19.4 657
    37×1.5 21.6 865
    4×2.5 10.2 175
    5×2.5 11.0 214
    7×2.5 11.9 272
    10×2.5 14.9 379
    14×2.5 16.1 501
    19×2.5 17.9 654
    27×2.5 21.7 925
    37×2.5 24.6 1251
    4×4 11.8 251
    5×4 12.8 310
    7×4 13.9 398
    10×4 17.6 559
    14×4 19.5 765
    19×4 21.6 1004
    27×4 26.2 1417
    37×4 29.3 1887
    4×6 13.0 333
    5×6 14.2 416
    7×6 15.4 538
    10×6 19.9 779
    14×6 21.6 1045
    19×6 24.5 1402
    27×6 29.2 1949
    37×6 32.7 2609
    7×10 19.5 883


    If necessary, we carry out production of control cables under the order, a separate nomenclature range, which is not included in the standard list of products. You can buy control cable kvgng-ls at a low price in bulk from the factory of the manufacturer of cable products MPKA.

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