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High-frequency local communication cable KSPP


Local communication cables, high frequency with polyethylene insulation and polyethylene sheath

    Required cable section

    Number in meters

    CURRENT CONDUCTOR – made of copper round wire.
    INSULATION – made of polyethylene.
    The nominal insulation thickness is:
        for conductors with a diameter 0.64 мм – 0.7 мм
        for conductors with a diameter 0.9 мм – 0.95 мм
        for conductors with a diameter 1.2 мм – 0.8 мм
    Four insulated conductors are stranded into fours. In the four, two diagonally located conductors form a working pair, the insulation of the first pair of the four has a natural color, the second pair is blue.
    The belt insulation is made of extruded polyethylene with a nominal thickness of 0.8 mm.
    The screen is made of aluminum-polyethylene tape. A contact tinned copper wire with a nominal diameter of 0.3–0.4 mm is laid under the screen.
    The casing is made of polyethylene with a nominal thickness of 1.8 mm.

    The high-frequency local communication cable is intended for inter-office and subscriber communication lines with transmission systems with time division of channels and pulse-code modulation with a transmission rate of up to 2048 kbit / s at a remote power supply voltage of up to 500 V DC.
    KSPP cables are intended for laying in soil not subject to displacement and in areas not characterized by an increased risk of damage by rodents, and KSPZP cables are also designed for high humidity conditions.

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