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Cable flexible control KGVV (ng-ngd) 0,66/1 kV


Flexible control cable – KGVV, KGVVng, KGVVngd made of copper current-carrying conductors, with PVC insulation and PVC sheath with index “ng” – flame retardant, and “ngd” – flame retardant and smoke and gas emission.

    Required cable section

    Number in meters

    Conductor – conductive conductor made of several round copper wires, for the 4th or 5th class the nominal section is 10 mm2, for the 3rd, 4th and 5th classes – from 16 mm2

    Insulation – polyvinyl chloride compound (PVC). In cables with up to 5 cores, the latter have distinctive colors. Zero cores in KGVV and KGVVng are blue. Ground conductors are greenish-yellow. In cables with more than 7 strands, each strand has a counting strand and a direction strand with different colors between each other and between the other strands.

    Twisting – is a concentric layer of insulated cores. For 4-core and 5-core cables, the twist is made around the core, the insulation is PVC compound. For 3-core and 4-core cables, all cores with the same cross section or one core of a smaller cross section (“ground” or “zero”). The earth conductor and the main conductor may have the same nominal cross section.

    Sheath – PVC compound, for KGVVng – PVC compound of low flammability, in “NGD” version of low flammability and low smoke and gas emission.

    Cable decoding KGVV:
    K – Cable
    G – Flexible
    V – Core insulation made of PVC compound
    V – PVC sheath

    Application area:
    For fixed mounting of power circuits and control circuits on machines and mechanisms at voltages of 660 and 1000 volts AC with a frequency of up to 60 Hz. The cables can be operated at 1000 and 1500 volts DC respectively. This cable is not recommended for laying in the ground (trenches). Cables of the KGVV brand do not propagate combustion when laid alone and in the condition of laying in bundles for KGVVng and “NGD” nomenclature.
    The letter “n” is added to the symbol of cables with a zero core to the brand. It is allowed to lay cables in the air, provided that additional measures are taken to protect against exposure to solar radiation.

    The control flexible cable KGVV is laid singly in overpasses, in galleries, on cable trays. They are used for fixed installation (for stationary laying in places where increased flexibility is needed) of power circuits and control systems of machine tools and mechanisms.

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