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Cable copper flexible KGTP 0,66/1 kV


KGTP cable – power, flexible with copper cores with insulation and sheath of thermoplastic elastomer. Conductor core as indicated earlier copper, multi-wire, round, 5th class according to DSTU. The cable has a very high flexibility. KGTP, in contrast to the usual KG – the latest generation cable, reliable in use and durable.

    Required cable section

    Number in meters

    The products are excellent for use in adverse conditions and can be used not only in everyday life, but also in small and large enterprises. An important parameter in this conductor, as the number of conductive cores, cross section and outer diameter of the product. As the manufacturer produces dozens of their varieties, from the more popular sections of the cable flexible KGTP 1×2,5, 1×4, 1×6, 1×10, 1×16, 1×25, 1×35, 1×50, 1×70, 1×95, 1×120, 2×2,5, 2×4, 2×6, 2×10, 2×16 , 2х25, 2х35, 2х50, 2х70, 2х95, 2х120, 3х4, 3х6, 3х10, 3х16, 3х25, 3х35, 3х50, 3х70, 3х95, 3х120 the price depends on several factors, it is section and also quantity of veins.
    Thermoplastic insulation is an excellent dielectric. Insulated cores have an excellent solid color or in the form of a longitudinal stripe. Vein colors – Brown, Blue, Black, Yellow-green. The ground wire has a green-yellow color. Isolated cores are twisted together into a core of unidirectional twist of the correct (symmetrical) section. It is the correct twisting cross section that provides increased flexibility.
    In a single-core cable, the copper core is covered with insulation and sheath or immediately with an insulating and protective sheath. In multicore KGTP zero vein is thinner than phase. For ease of processing, the veins are treated with talc, which reduces the complexity of the work.

    The shell is also made of thermoplastic elastomer. Due to this, the cable has the best resistance to ultraviolet rays, ie the wire is used for a long time in places that are heavily dependent on the sun. Also, this cable has a wider temperature range – from minus 60 degrees to +50 degrees, so the performance is maintained in cold climates.

    Decryption of KGTP cable:
    KG – the cable is flexible
    TP – insulation and shell of thermoplastic elastomer

    Cable design:
    Conductive cores – copper, round class 5.
    Insulation – from thermoplastic elastomer.
    Twisting – insulated cores twisted to fill the free space between the cores.
    The shell is made of thermoplastic elastomer.

    Scope of cable KGTP:
    The KGTP flexible cable is intended for connection of mobile cars, mechanisms and the equipment to electric networks and to mobile sources of electric energy on alternating voltage of 0,66 kV of frequency to 400 Hz, or a direct voltage to 1 kV. It is ideally used for connection to a network of industrial power supply of various mobile cars and mechanisms provided laying on trays or other devices which exclude emergence of pulling, and compressive, loadings, abrasive influences and guarantee observance of the minimum radius of a bend. This type of electric cable belongs to the class of flexible industrial cables and is intended for connection of mobile mechanisms, and also external and internal, intersection connection of the electric equipment and mobile current collectors of various function. And also for non-stationary laying, connection of mobile machines, cranes, telphers, welding machines, for connection of electric holders of welding installations at arc welding.

    Technical characteristics and the increased resistance to climatic conditions and ability to work in aggressive environments have determined places of use of a product. KGTP cable:
    – provide connection of temporary objects, for example, construction sites;
    – connect objects to generator sets in the open area;
    – equip heavy engineering products, river and sea vessels;
    – perform electrical wiring, including power and signaling in mines and open pits;
    – the lifting and transport equipment is fed.

    The positive qualities of this cable are:
    – resistance to ultraviolet light, which allows the use of KGTP for outdoor areas;
    – resistance to temperature differences from +50 to -60 °C, and in the same range not only operation, but also a lining is possible;
    – preservation of working capacity at 98% of air humidity (measurement at +35 C);
    – heat resistance at work with the increased loadings – long operation at heating of veins to +75 C is possible;
    – flexibility of the 5th class, allows bending in turn of 8 diameters of a cable;
    – tensile strength up to 19.6 N (2 kgf) for each mm2 of the total cross section of all cores.

    To buy a flexible cable with delivery, you can send the application from the website of the Zaporizhia plant of cable production of MPKA. If necessary it is possible to order in production a cable, other design which is not included in the usual list of the nomenclature.

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