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Cable copper flexible KGNV 0,66/1 kV


KGNV is a flexible power cable with a copper conductive core, is a more modern analogue of KG cable, is not inferior to it in technical characteristics, and is well adapted to work in conditions of frequent bends.

    Required cable section

    Number in meters

    The insulation and sheath of this cable are made of polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC), in contrast to the cable KG, which uses rubber. Due to this, the KGNV cable does not propagate combustion during beam laying. In the case of a single laying, the KGNV cable does not support combustion. Resistant to sunlight.
    The most important thing in this cable is its distinctive feature – the sheath of this cable is resistant to diesel fuel and lubricants. Cable with oil-gasoline-resistant vinyl sheath. KGNV power cable is a model of a new generation of KG cables, with improved technical and quality characteristics.
    As in most cable and wire products, one of the important parameters in this conductor is the number of cores, cross section and outer diameter of the product. Of the more popular sections, the cable is flexible KGNV 1×2,5, 1×4, 1×6, 1×10, 1×16, 1×25, 1×35, 1×50, 1×70, 1×95, 1×120, 2×2.5, 2×4, 2×6, 2×10, 2×16, 2×25, 2×35, 2×50, 2×70 , 2х95, 2х120, 3х4, 3х6, 3х10, 3х16, 3х25, 3х35, 3х50, 3х70, 3х95, 3х120 the price depends on section and also quantity of veins.

    Decryption of KGNV cable:
    K – Cable
    G – Flexible
    N – For non-stationary gasket
    V – Insulation and shell of polyvinyl chloride plastic

    Cable design:
    Conducting cores – copper, round, 5th class flexibility.
    Insulation – PVC.
    The shell is also made of polyvinyl chloride plastic.

    Scope of KGNV cable:
    The flexible cable KGNV is intended for connection of mobile cars, and the equipment to electric networks and to mobile sources of electric energy on alternating voltage of 660 V of frequency to 400 Hz, or a direct voltage to 1000 V. This type of an electric cable belongs to a class of flexible cables and is used at connection mobile mechanisms, as well as external and internal, cross-sectional connections of electrical equipment and mobile current collectors for various purposes. It is generally used for non-stationary laying, for connection of mobile machines, cranes, telphers.

    The good qualities of this cable are:
    – resistance to ultraviolet (sunlight), which allows you to use for outdoor areas;
    – the cable is steady against influence of oils and diesel fuel;
    – resistance to temperature differences from +50 to -40 ° C, and in the same range not only operation, but also laying is possible;
    – efficiency at 98% humidity (measurement at +35 oC);
    – heat resistance at work with the increased loadings – long operation at heating of veins to +70 oC is possible;
    – flexibility of the 5th class, allows bending in turn of only 8 diameters of a cable;
    – tensile strength up to 19.6 N (2 kgf) for each mm2 of the total cross section of all veins.

    To buy a flexible cable with delivery, you can send the application from the website of the Zaporizhia plant of cable production of MPKA.
    If necessary it is possible to order in production a cable, other design which is not included in the usual list of the nomenclature.

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