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High-voltage cable ASBl 1, 3, 6, 10 kV


ASBl cable is one of the types of cable and wiring products for power supply of large enterprises or industrial facilities, differing both in functional features and in its design. One of the most common options for power grids 1kV, 3kV, 6kV, 10kV.

    Required cable section

    Number in meters

    Its design features are that it is a power cable, armored with tapes, with an aluminum core, impregnated paper insulation, a lead sheath, and an outer sheath of bitumen and yarn. Compared to other brands of cabling and wiring products, ASBl has a number of significant advantages. Of which it is worth emphasizing:
    – High level of protection against mechanical damage and destruction by rodents. Due to the presence of armor, the ASBl cable can withstand a blow from a cutting object without losing its characteristics;
    – Resistant to moisture and alkaline compounds in the ground, aggressive environments, to soils with salt content (for example, near the sea) – due to the application of a bitumen composition both under the armor and on top of the armor, the cable is not susceptible to the destructive effects of condensation and dampness formed in mines, cable ducts and wells.
    – It can be laid in the ground – due to the multilayer structure and moisture-repellent impregnation, it does not damp and can be in the ground throughout the entire period of operation.
    – It can be located close to communication lines – due to the shielding layer and armor, the ASBl cable significantly reduces the effect of its own electromagnetic waves on the surrounding electrical installations.
    – It has a wide operating range of cross-section, due to which the ASBl can be used to connect electrical loads of various ratings. The most common cable cross-sectional dimensions in ASBl: 3х16, 3х25, 3х35, 3х50, 3х70, 3х95, 3х120, 3х150, 3х185, 3х240 in a larger square, used for connection in powerful power grids. The price depends on the cable section.

    Deciphering ASBl cable:
    А – indicates that aluminum is used as a conductive core;
    С – presence of a lead sheath;
    Б – there is armor in the form of galvanized steel strips;
    л – means that additional lavsan tape is laid under the armor;

    In the design of this cable, the conductive core can be single-wire and multi-wire. The cross-section of a single-wire aluminum core is round and sector (segment). See photo.

    Cable construction:
    1. Aluminum conductor
    2. Phase paper insulation, impregnated with a viscous insulating impregnating compound, is made of paper with a moisture-repellent impregnation. It is applied to the cores by winding.
    3. Filling of paper bundles, which serve to hold the shape of the cable and are laid between the cores. The main task of which is to give rigidity to the structure and prevent the formation of voids during bending.
    4. Belt paper insulation impregnated with a viscous insulating impregnating compound.
    5. The screen made of electrically conductive paper is designed to remove the electromagnetic field from the cable itself to the surrounding communication lines and from other sources of radiation to the cable.
    6. The lead sheath is made of pressed lead and is designed to protect against moisture penetration and mechanical stress, gives additional protection to the structural elements and tightly fixes all internal cable elements.

    7. Pillow:
     – bitumen composition or bitumen;
     – polyethylene terephthalate tapes (the same ones that are designated by the letter “l” in the ASBl marking) are made of polymer and paper winding with bitumen filling. The main task is to prevent exposure to aggressive substances that can destroy the cable.
     – crepe paper or impregnated cable paper;
     – bitumen composition or bitumen;
     – crepe paper or impregnated cable paper;
     – bitumen composition or bitumen;

    8. Armor made of galvanized steel strips
    9. Outer cover:
     – bituminous composition or bitumen, or a viscous adhesive composition;
     – impregnated cable yarn or chopped fiber glass yarn;
     – bituminous composition or bitumen, or a viscous adhesive composition;
     – coating that protects the cable coils from sticking.

    Application and operation of ASBl cable:
    The main area of ​​application for the ASBl cable is the power supply of large consumers, high-power electrical machines, enterprises, equipment or villages. Due to the presence of an anti-corrosion layer in its design, it is most expedient to lay it in a trench. The armored conductor can be laid in closed buildings and structures, along the walls and facades of buildings. The peculiarity lies in the possibility of installing and operating the conductor in the ground and underground, the flow of ground stray currents does not play a role. The design of the cable creates all the conditions for ensuring safety, since there is no risk of deformation, does not lend itself to stretching.

    All of the above factors and cable properties make it possible to lay the cable in soil with different levels of corrosive processes and its aggressive components. The material of the power cable is resistant to various temperature extremes. Wide temperature range creates conditions for operation in temperate and cold climates.

    The ASBl power cable, in addition to everything, has the ability to be used in electrified transport networks, provided that the conductor does not stretch. When laying on transport lines and routes, the level of stray currents is not standardized. The cable can be used in closed areas, along walls, tunnels. The presence of protective armor allows you to withstand various mechanical influences.

    The cable is designed for the transmission and distribution of electrical energy in stationary installations in electrical networks at rated voltage 1, 3, 6, 10 kV rated frequency 50 Hz.
    The level difference between the highest and lowest points of the cable location is allowed no more than 15 m.
    For installation in highly corrosive ground (trenches), no stray currents.
    For laying in the ground (trenches) with medium corrosive activity, including the presence of stray currents.
    For single installation in cable structures and industrial premises.
    Group laying is allowed only in outdoor electrical installations and industrial premises, where only the periodic presence of maintenance personnel is possible, while passive fire protection must be used.
    It is used when there is a risk of mechanical damage to the cable.
    It is important that at the laying stage, it is allowed to lay ASBl at an ambient temperature not lower than 0ºС. If the temperature drops below zero, it must be warmed up with reduced voltage to soften the insulation and bitumen layers. It is also worth considering its dimensions and weight, which can be determined from the table below:


    Cross-section of cable ASBl Outer diameter of cable ASBl, mm ASBl cable weight in kg / per 1 km
    6 kV 10 kV 6 kV 10 kV
    3х35 35,3 39,3 2656 3252
    3х50 37,3 41,2 2991 3558
    3х70 40,1 43,9 3496 4075
    3х95 42,9 46,9 4028 4672
    3х120 45,4 49,3 4555 5150
    3х150 47,8 51,7 5058 5707
    3х185 50,7 54,6 5747 6398
    3х240 55,0 58,8 6840 7526

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