Central office:

Phone: (061) 220-15-00 / (098) 441-15-41

Email: Office@mpka.com.ua

Branch Kyiv:

Phone: (044) 227-36-77 / (068) 774-74-77

Email: Kiev@mpka.com.ua

Branch Lviv :

Phone: (067 ) 612-38-37 / (067) 678-93-24

Email: rm.east@mpka.com.ua


 Today the company “MPKA-Ukraine” — manufacturer of cables and wires, эксклюзивный дилер, official distributor – partner of national and foreign cable and wire factories.
The company was founded in 2007. Since that time, our company has gone the way of creation, organization and formation. In a short time, a highly efficient commercial sector of the company was created. Strategic guidelines were developed: production of products using customer-supplied raw materials, the widest range of availability of cable and wire products in warehouses, short project implementation times, prompt delivery of products, consistently high-quality service, and most importantly – honesty, responsibility and transparency of relations with partners.
Already in 2008, despite the crisis, the company acquired more than 500 partners in South-Eastern Ukraine. These were the largest metallurgical, machine-building, mining and power generating enterprises in the region.
In 2008-2009, a regional warehouse for finished products was created and completed, which consisted of more than 1500 wire and cable brands. Today the company has 2 regional warehouses of finished products with an assortment of more than 5,000 nomenclatures and sizes of cable products and more than 3,000 nomenclatures of electrical products, and this assortment is constantly increasing.
In 2010, a motor transport workshop began to work in the company. Today there are 12 units of trucks, dispatching and logistics services, which work 7 days a week and 365 days a year, to provide high-quality logistics service to our partners. All the following years, our company has been fighting to adhere to the strategy of doing business and relationships. Thanks to this, we have achieved significant success, competing with many established players in the cable market, which have a much larger material base.
After 12 years, the company has acquired thousands of new partners who have appreciated the quality of our products and high-quality service, but despite this, we continue to cooperate with the very first customers of our company. All our partners have remained faithful to our quality and continue fruitful cooperation, which has led over the years to the successful development of both our company and the business of our consumers.
Taking into account the needs of the market, in 2015, the owners and management of the company adopted a stratagem line of development aimed at opening their own production of cable and wire products. In a short time, a project was implemented to build a production complex – “MPKA-UKRAINE”
Already at the beginning of 2017, the first kilometers of cable were produced from the production lines of the plant. For the production of undoubtedly high-quality products, the plant uses high-tech equipment from European manufacturers: KRAUSS MAFFEI, SAMP, Maschinen und Anlagenbau Grimma, DOMINO and only high-quality materials. The company’s management sees its main goal in creating, maintaining and constantly improving conditions that guarantee high quality of products (meeting the requirements of customers and the parameters of GOST and DSTU) and ensuring the competitiveness of products in the domestic and foreign markets.
Our company differs from numerous competitors by flexibility and easy adaptation to market conditions, absence of bureaucratic component and speed of decision making. We quickly and efficiently respond to changes in the supply and demand system. Based on the price-quality ratio, we optimize commercial offers as much as possible. A solid portfolio of orders is a confirmation of the quality of the products sold, the quality of our team’s work and the transparency of relations with partners. The products offered by our company comply with all applicable international standards due to the fact that the current production has long since moved to a higher-quality technological level. Many years of experience, fruitful, high-quality and responsible work have led to the fact that our company is in the zone of high reliability and occupies a leading position in the supply of cable and wire products to enterprises of various fields of activity.

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