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Product delivery and forwarding

Our company operates a motor transport workshop (cargo transportation to 20 t), logistics department and dispatch service
    Weekly and as planned, the company’s own vehicles, deliver products to our partners throughout Ukraine.
    Trucking of goods has undeniable advantages such as: prompt delivery of goods from the sender to the consignee, clear personalized responsibility for a specific cargo and the ability to control the transported cargo over its condition and location directly in the process of its transportation.
    Our company provides customers with a wide range of services in the field of cargo transportation throughout Ukraine. We strive to provide each client with high standards of service, regardless of the volume and complexity of the task. Years of successful experience of our Company in the road transport market allows us to provide a high level of service for any, even the most demanding client.
    Currently, our services for road transportation of goods are used by state enterprises, commercial organizations, trading companies, entrepreneurs, etc.
    Our company takes into account all the changes taking place in the freight market, therefore we are constantly expanding the range of basic and related services.
    Delivery across Ukraine by company transport – Free. This allows us to deliver products on time directly to your warehouse or facility as soon as possible and without damage..



Specialists of the dispatch service of our company provide a full range of services for freight forwarding by road throughout Ukraine:
Vehicle search.
Escorting cargo to the place of unloading.
Documentary support of all operations.
    Thanks to a well-organized transportation process and the development of the optimal route in each specific case, our company offers a flexible and loyal pricing policy.


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