Central office:

Phone: (061) 220-15-00 / (098) 441-15-41

Email: Office@mpka.com.ua

Branch Kyiv:

Phone: (044) 227-36-77 / (068) 774-74-77

Email: Kiev@mpka.com.ua

Branch Lviv :

Phone: (067 ) 612-38-37 / (067) 678-93-24

Email: rm.east@mpka.com.ua


Do you want to get advice on products, solutions and services of the MПKA company as quickly and fully as possible? Need urgent information on product prices and availability? Or do you need to choose an analogue from the product range from the warehouse of our enterprise?
All your questions will be answered by highly qualified specialists of the commercial department and technical consulting service of the MPKA-Ukraine company. We employ high-level specialists with special education and many years of experience in the market of cable and wire and electrical products. Managers and consultants process more great amount inquiries from clients and partners per month. Responding to requests is subject to strict regulations. A specialist will give an answer to your online question on the website or by telephone within 15 minutes. Upon request for a miscalculation, the decision is formed within 24 hours, but as practice shows, all requests are processed day after day. To improve the service, the company’s specialists undergo periodic technical sessions and examinations in order to improve their qualifications, a quality control system for answers is being implemented in the department, a database of frequently asked questions and a database of product analogues have been formed. Also, our specialists conduct familiarization of partners and clients on new products. Moreover, the technical and commercial specialists of our company, after a preliminary agreement, within 24 hours go to the object or to your office to conduct negotiations on technical and economic issues. Agree, it is always pleasant and safe to work with those who are personally interested in working with you. The qualifications and experience of the MPKA staff allows us to assert: “Not a single question of yours remains unanswered. Write, call, ask! We will come, consult, answer! “

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