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What is an armored cable and what is its feature?


Probably not all of us have heard about the types and specifics of cables or wires that go beyond the household. One of these will be discussed today in our article.

Armored cable – what is it? This is a power cable that has one uniqueness that distinguishes it from other cable-conductor products, the presence of armor, which provides reliable protection of the wire from aggressive environmental influences, from mechanical stress.
Increased resistance to temperature changes, including sharp differences from positive to minus temperatures. This is an excellent option for installation on sites with high explosion and fire hazard.


Consider what are the types of armored cable? Deciphering and characterization of armored cables.


The most common types of armored cables are brand cables VBbSHv (with copper cores) and AVBbSHv (with aluminum cores). They are available with a cross section of 1.5 to 240 sq.mm. When the cross section of the cores is more than 25 sq.mm, the cores may have a sector cross section (similar to a piece of circle). Such cores in the cable are usually from 1 to 5 pieces, and if the cores are 4, the neutral core may have a smaller cross section than the other 3. Each core of the cable has its own color marking, indicating the neutral and phase conductors. Modifications of cables by voltage – from 660 V to 6 kV.



Where is the armored cable used and why is it needed?

Its scope:
The AVBbShv cable can be laid in the conditions with any relief, weather, climatic features. It is ideal for installation on facilities such as underground mines and tunnels, subway stations, collectors and mines, canals and cable spaces.


The abbreviation of the name stands for:
A – aluminum conductive cores (if the letter “a” is missing, it means copper cores);
B – conductive cores have PVC insulation;
B – sheet armor formed by a double galvanized spiral with overlapping gaps;
b – without a pillow;
Shv – The cable is put in a hose from PVC;


The VBbShv cable on objects is used together with VVG cables.
The ability to lay the cable VBbShv in different positions of the wire retains high efficiency in a variety of positions, so it can be mounted not only in horizontal planes, but also in vertical, inclined. It will be easier, more convenient and more reliable to lay any electric network with it. Armored cable is not afraid of anything, it is not afraid of water, land, wind.


Cable design: consists of many cores (can be made of different metals, copper, aluminum), which conduct electricity, which are insulated with a special PVC-plastic hose. On top of this is an additional armor consisting of a multilayer winding of galvanized steel wire. The result is a high-strength cable that conducts current well, does not require additional protection from external factors.
Will serve without problems up to 50 years, can be stored practically in any conditions and at ambient temperature from – 50 ° C to +50 ° C whereas the maximum admissible temperature of current-carrying veins can reach +90 ° C, thus the cable will keep efficiency. So all the material costs for repair and maintenance of the armored cable are minimized.

Cables with copper cores (VBbShv) although more expensive, but they are superior in performance to cables with aluminum cores (AVBbShv). But since the aluminum version is cheaper, it is the aluminum version of the armored cable that is most widely used.

Armored cable with copper cores has a much more protected insulation that can withstand the most aggressive environment, so it is used for laying cable routes with high strength requirements. In the absence of tensile loads, this type of cable can be laid outdoors.

As mentioned above, several layers of steel tape dressed in a PVC hose reliably protect the cores of such a cable. He is not afraid of man-made mechanical actions, much less rodents.

The armored cable with aluminum cores does not have a screen. The cores of considerable cross section are made of several wires. PVC plastic is used as insulation. As armor – a spiral of galvanized tape. As well as a copper cable, the aluminum cable does not allow high extensions. Cable insulation AVBbSHvng does not support combustion, so when laying the cable in bundles, it is flammable.

Today on the market are armored cables of various types and purposes: power, communication cables and fiber optics. The presence of armor in the cable guarantees its reliable operation in any weather. Copper cable is suitable for laying under the ground, on the ground and indoors.

Most often, it is the copper power cable openly laid in trenches, laid in mines and collectors – wherever high corrosive activity of the environment is possible. Aluminum cable is laid in trenches, mines, tunnels, as well as indoors and outdoors.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of VBbShv and AVBbShv cables:

The main and main advantage of the armored cable is its strength, despite the enormous loads (electrical, mechanical). This is not the only positive item on the list of benefits, it should also be noted that the cable with armor:

– is not damaged in the conditions of the increased humidity, corrosion is not terrible to it;
– calmly withstands high and low temperatures;
-operated for 30-50 years;
– easy to install;
-invested money to buy a cable will be justified, because it does not break and does not require frequent repairs;
-The wide range allows you to choose the cable in the armor, which is needed to perform a specific task.

Despite the impressive list of advantages, you should pay attention to the disadvantages. The cable with armor is absolutely inflexible. If it is needed to conduct electricity for many kilometers, this figure is insignificant. If flexibility is important, then you should choose a cable with armor, which is protected by a single steel spiral.


How much is an armored cable VBbSHV and AVBbShv, and where to buy?

You can find out the price of the cable by sending us a request for a miscalculation. Buying a cable from the manufacturer of the Zaporozhye plant of cable products MPKA – you get professional advice, high quality and low price. Because, taking into account many years of experience – we fully control the quality of products and have a competitive price advantage in the market.

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