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Cable power aluminum (filled) AVVGz (ng, ng-ls) 0,66 / 1 kV


AVVGz is a power cable filled with aluminum core, PVC insulation and sheath. In the nomenclature with the index “ng” is non-combustible, and “ng-LS” means non-combustion and fume-gas emission. Ideal for supplying electrical installations requiring sealing when entering electrical equipment.

    Required cable section

    Number in meters

    Cable construction:
    1. Conductor – copper or aluminum, single-wire, round shape, class 1 according to DSTU;
    2. Insulation made of PVC-compound (core color marking);
    3. PVC filling;
    4. PVC sheath;
    Number of cores: 1 – 5 cores. Section size: 2.5 – 240 mm2

    AVVGz cable decoding:
    A – Aluminum conductor
    B – Core insulation made of PVC compound
    B – PVC sheath
    G – Lack of protective covers
    h – Polyvinylchloride compound filling
    ng – does not spread combustion
    ng-ls – does not spread combustion and with reduced smoke and gas emission

    Application area:
    The cable is designed for transmission and distribution of electrical energy in stationary electrical installations, where a high level of electrical and mechanical protection is required, for a rated alternating voltage of 0.66 and 1 kV with a rated frequency of 50 Hz. It is used for single and group laying in industrial premises. For operation in AC electrical networks with a grounded or isolated neutral, in which the duration of operation in the mode of a single-phase short circuit to earth does not exceed 8 hours, and the total duration of operation in the mode of a single-phase short circuit to earth does not exceed 125 hours per year

    Air humidity at 35°C – 98%
    Maximum core operating temperature: 70°C
    Installation at a temperature not lower than: -15°C
    Bending radius of multi-core cables, not less than (outer diameters): 7.5
    Bending radius of single-core cables, not less than (outer diameters): 10
    Ambient temperature: -50 to +50 °C
    Temperature of conductors in case of short circuit: 160°C

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