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Cable aluminum flat AVVGp (ng-ngd) 0,66 / 1 kV


The AVVG aluminum flat cable is used to transmit electricity to stationary installations. It is used at low rated voltages. This conductor is designed to distribute electrical energy at a rated alternating voltage of 0.66 and 1 kV, a frequency of 50 Hz or for a direct voltage 2.4 times the alternating voltage. The price of the AVVG-P cable depends on the number of cores and their cross-section.

    Required cable section

    Number in meters

    Decoding of cable AVVG-P:
    A – aluminum conductive core
    V – insulation of conductors made of PVC compound
    V – sheath made of low-flammability polyvinyl chloride plasticate
    G – (naked) lack of protective integuments
    P – flat

    Cable AVVG P exactly repeats AVVG in characteristics, however, it is flat in design. It is used more often not at industrial facilities, like AVVG cable, but in living conditions and administrative and office premises. The cable can only be used if there is no tensile force and the risk of deformation of the wire, as well as if there is no possibility of damage to the insulation. To preserve the insulation, the AVVG and AVVG P cables should be laid in a cable channel or a metal or plastic pipe.

    The AVVG cable marked with “ng” does not support or spread fire, and “ngd” does not emit toxic smoke when it comes into contact with a flame. This is due to the fact that the cable insulation has improved characteristics – you can use AVVGng and AVVGngd for rooms with an increased risk of fires, as well as for laying in plastic pipes and polyamide cable ducts (including baseboards and floor ones).

    Cable structures AVVG-P:
    Conductor – aluminum single-wire round shape, class 1 according to DSTU
    Insulation – PVC compound. Insulated conductors have a distinctive color. The insulation of neutral conductors is blue. The insulation of the grounding conductors is made in two colors (green and yellow).
    Stranding – insulated conductors are located in one plane.
    The casing is made of PVC compound.

    Scope of AVVG-P cable:
    This type of cable is used for laying in dry and wet rooms on special cable racks, cable metal trays, in distribution boxes, metering boards. It is not recommended to lay the wire in the ground or in places of direct water ingress.

    Operation on land at altitudes up to 4300 m above sea level.
    The cable is used for laying:
    – in the air, provided that it is protected from UV rays and there is no danger of mechanical damage during operation;
    – for laying in dry or damp rooms (tunnels), ducts, cable semi-floors, mines, collectors, production rooms, partially flooded structures in the presence of an environment with low, medium and high corrosive activity. Designed for use on vertical, inclined and horizontal tracks.

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