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Aluminum power cable AVVGng-ls 0.66/1 kV

AVVGng-LS is a power cable with aluminum conductors, insulated and sheathed in polyvinylchloride compound of reduced fire hazard with low smoke emission. It is used for stationary installation in power networks with a rated voltage of 660-1000 Volts, a frequency of 50 Hertz.

    Required cable section

    Number in meters

    Deciphering the marking AVVGng-LS:
    A – the core is made of aluminum.
    V – vinyl insulation.
    V – vinyl shell.
    G – does not have a protective cover.
    ng – insulation and sheath made of plastic compound of reduced fire hazard.
    LS – reduced smoke emission during combustion (smoldering).

    Cable design:
    1) Core – aluminum, single-wire or multi-wire, round or sector-shaped, first or second class according to DSTU
    2) Insulation – PVC with reduced fire hazard and low smoke emission.
    3) Stranding – the cores are twisted into a core.
    4) The sheath is made of non-flammable PVC compound with low smoke emission.
    Number of conductors in the cable: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
    Two-core and three-core cables have all cores of the same cross section. Four-core and five-core cables have all cores of the same cross section or one core of a smaller cross section.

    Scope of AVVGng-LS:
    This power cable is operated in areas with a temperate, cold and tropical climate, on land, rivers and lakes at altitudes up to 4300 m above sea level.
    Cables are used at facilities where non-propagation of combustion is required during group laying and low emission of smoke and corrosive gases during combustion and smoldering. Laying and operation – in the air with no danger of mechanical damage, as well as in soil (in trenches) with low corrosive activity without tensile forces.

    • in the air if there is no danger of mechanical damage during operation;
    • in dry or damp rooms (tunnels), channels, cable half-floors, mines, collectors, industrial premises, partially flooded structures in the presence of an environment with weak, medium and high corrosive activity;
    • on special cable racks, on bridges and in blocks;
    • in fire hazardous premises;
    Designed for vertical, inclined and horizontal tracks. Can be used in places subject to vibration. Do not spread combustion when laying in bundles.
    The temperature at which the cables are installed is not lower than minus -15C (without preheating).
    The bending radius during installation is at least 10 outer cable diameters (for single-core cables) and at least 7.5 outer cable diameters (for multi-core cables).

    The price of the AVVGng-ls cable depends on the number of cores and their cross section. More popular cable nomenclature avvg with a cross section of 3×16, 3×25, 3×35, 3×50, 3×70, 3×95, 3×120, as well as three with a plus 3×25 + 1×16, 3×35 + 1×16, 3×50 + 1×25, 3×70 + 1×35, 3×95 + 1×50, 3×120 + 1 also a 4-core cable with a section of 4×16, 4×25, 4×35, 4×50, 4×70, 4×95, 4×120, 4×150, 4×185, 4×240.
    You can buy the AVVGng-ls cable by submitting an application from the website of the Zaporizhzhia plant of cable products MPKA

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