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Armored power cable AVBbShvng 6 kV


AVBbShvng – High-voltage power cable, armored with aluminum conductors, with PVC insulation, with a protective cover of the BbShv type (ng – flame retardant). The AVBbShvng cable is laid where there is a risk of mechanical damage to the cable, and is also capable of self-extinguishing both in single and bundle laying.

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    Structural elements of the AVBbShvng cable:
    1. Aluminum conductor
    2. PVC insulation
    3. Filling with low flammability PVC – to give the cable an almost round shape, the inner and outer gaps between the insulated cores must be filled.
    4. Inner sheath made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic compound of low flammability
    5. Armor made of galvanized steel tapes
    6. Protective hose made of low flammability PVC

    Cable decoding AVBbShvng:
    A – Aluminum conductor
    V – Core insulation made of PVC compound
    B – Armor from two steel tapes
    b – Without a cushion, which is the inner part of the protective cover, applied under the armor in order to protect the element under it from corrosion and mechanical damage by tapes or wires of the armor
    Shvng – Protective cover in the form of a pressed-out hose made of low-flammability polyvinylchloride compound

    Application area:
    This type of cable is intended for transmission and distribution of electrical energy in stationary electrical installations for a rated alternating voltage of 0.66, 1 and 6 kV, with a rated frequency of 50 Hz. For laying without limiting the level difference along the laying route, including on vertical sections.
    The protective cover “BbShv” (or “BShv” according to the new standard) makes it possible to lay and use this cable mainly in places with a high risk of mechanical damage during its operation: trenches (underground), sewers and many other areas of urban and industrial facilities. The cable is used in cases where high requirements are imposed on fire safety (this is due to the low flammability PVC sheath). Can also be used for outdoor laying.

    The temperature difference at which the cable can be used ranges from -50°С to +50°С. The maximum allowable heating of the cable core must not exceed + 70°C (not taking into account the duration of heating). Although in emergency situations, the conductive core is able to withstand heating up to + 80 ° C. The permissible temperature regime for cable installation varies from -15°С to + 50°С. And at ambient t below 15 ° C, it will be necessary to preheat the cable.
    During installation on descents and ascents, on turns, it is necessary to observe the bending of the cable. The minimum bend of AvbBShvng is 7.5 outer diameters. With proper installation and operation of the cable, the service life is 30 years.

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