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Control cables aluminum AKVVG (ng-ngd) 0,66 kV


Control cables, AKVVG with aluminum conductors with PVC insulation and PVC sheath (ng – flame retardant), and with the index “ngd” flame retardant and with reduced smoke and gas emission.

    Required cable section

    Number in meters

    1. Conductor – aluminum, single-wire, class 1 according to DSTU.
    2. Insulation – made of polyvinyl chloride plastic compound (PVC).
    3. Stranded – the insulated conductors of the cables are twisted. Each layer has a counting pair, the insulated strands of which differ in color from each other and from the rest of the strands.
    4. The sheath is made of PVC compound, for cables of the AKVVG ng brand, made of PVC compound of low flammability.

    Decoding cable AKVVG:
    A – Aluminum conductor
    K – Control
    B – Core insulation made of PVC compound
    B – PVC sheath
    G – Lack of protective covers

    Designed for fixed connection to electrical appliances, devices, assemblies of terminals of electrical switchgear with rated alternating voltage up to 660 volts, frequency up to 100 Hz or direct voltage up to 1000 volts. For laying in rooms, channels, tunnels, in aggressive environments, in the absence of mechanical influences on the cable. It is allowed to lay cables in the ground (trenches) while ensuring the protection of cables in places where they come to the surface.

    Cables of AKVVG ng and ngd brands are used for laying in cable structures and premises to ensure fire safety of cable chains when laying in bundles. Can be laid outdoors.

    Rated AC voltage 0.66 kV;
    Rated frequency 100 Hz;
    The minimum allowable bending radius is 6 cable diameters;
    Permissible forces when pulling the cable along the laying route 50 N/mm2;
    Ambient temperature during cable operation from -50°С to 50°С;
    Resistance to high relative humidity at ambient temperatures up to 35°C – 98%;
    Minimum cable laying temperature without preheating -7°С;

    – Life time:
    when laying in the ground (trenches) and on overpasses, at least: 15 years;
    when laying in rooms, channels, tunnels, at least: 25 years
    — Warranty period: 3 years from the date of commissioning of cable

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