Central office:

Phone: (061) 220-15-00 / (098) 441-15-41

Email: Office@mpka.com.ua

Branch Kyiv:

Phone: (044) 227-36-77 / (068) 774-74-77

Email: Kiev@mpka.com.ua

Branch Lviv :

Phone: (067 ) 612-38-37 / (067) 678-93-24

Email: rm.east@mpka.com.ua

About us

Economic crisis 2007-2008 revealed the inconsistency of the current sales system, lack of customer service, employer-employee relations in the B2B market. We took into account all these factors and problem points in the market and created our own company. The date of birth of the MPKA-Ukraine Company is December 3, 2007.
Today «МПКА-Україна» is a reliable manufacturer-supplier of cable and electrical products with a full service package for its partners and with many years of experience in Ukraine and foreign countries. The uniqueness of our enterprise lies in the fact that the MPKA product is a business, a way of life for the owners and the entire team. The founders of the enterprise go through all stages of the formation and development of the company together with their employees. Not close, but together. Even after 12 years, having achieved high results, the owners participate daily in the work process of the enterprise and are in constant interaction with the team.
Many of the company’s partners are in direct dialogue with the founders. The main defining criterion of our activity is building long-term and trusting partnerships with clients. Our specificity is that we do not scatter beautiful words, but really hear and understand our partners – how they live, how they work, what issues they face every day. Today we have experience, results, reliability and reputation in our asset, aimed at fulfilling the needs of our clients.

Our products supply high-quality electricity at the facilities of such enterprises:

Our reliable partners are enterprises with impeccable quality of their products.:


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